Benefits of Using Online Databases to Share Data

There are some major benefits to using online databases to share data within your company and one of the top reasons, operating costs. Saving money is one of the top reasons that companies turn to online databases.

Services like Google and Microsoft even offer some basic database programs for free. More complex database programs are still cheaper to use them online, than to store the data in hard drives at the office and pay for the licensing of the database products when it is required to update them. Flexibility in the products online is much better. You only need to invest in how much storage your databases need. It just makes more sense financially to take advantage of the online database software that is available today.

Cloud document storage is a great benefit to online database storage. The options are endless when there are several online database software programs that integrate all kinds of business productivity software and make general sharing or access much easier than if the information was stored in a hard drive. Knowing that people are also working within the company on updated documents and not having to worry about one person not having an updated database. Having control over the organization of online databases is another great benefit all on its own.

Having access to a database 24 hours a day can become a great asset to any company. People move fast today and people work from several different locations. It helps to know that everyone has access and they are looking at the same documents. Online database access can add to the productivity of a company or just an individual person. They can also be accessed from several devices, laptops, smart phones, and tablets. Collaboration between people is a breeze with online access.

Online databases tend to be better for data security. The simple fact that things are not stored on someone’s hard drive means that the data is more secure. The online databases are access via cloud services that require a password. This is good for when people leave companies also, because they just get locked out of the system and the company does not have to worry about them having access to databases anymore.

Cloud computing and online databases allow companies to do another neat trick. Collecting information right to the database (or even a simple Excel spreadsheet) from web forms or email and skipping the middle inputting process to the database. This allows companies to have instant access in real time of orders, feedback, or inquires. Lead capturing is made easy with this ability. Technical support is something that comes with most of the online database software programs. It does not cost extra to ask someone how to do something.

Along with technical support, there is not any need to have to hire information technologists to come in and set up complicated systems to store databases on. Those systems are often automated within the online database software programs already, so there is not any need to start from scratch.