Building XML data exchange project using XDE wizard

XDE project creates a gateway for serving data stored in your Excel Sheet or Access Table as an XML document that can easily be fetched using AJAX with JavaScript or jQuery.

Building an XDE project is very easy and it can be split in few simple steps:

  1. Select the Excel Workbook or Access database
  2. Select the sheet or table
  3. Select the fields/cells you want to include in XML document
  4. Rename nodes for each field/cell. This is not required unless original names break XML node naming convention
  5. Rename root node, record count node and single record node. This is optional step. You can use the default values unless your front-end requires some specific names.
  6. Click "Save and deploy” button

Upon deploying XDE, you’ll note that there is no embed code (neither IFRAME nor SCRIPT), no codes for Joomla and WordPress plugins, practically nothing but a link code and data preview.

It is because XDE belongs to professional projects and as such provides really unlimited options for using extracted data in your projects. Therefore, it makes no sense to build embed code that would limit that usage. Instead, we will teach you step by step how to use it in a few blog articles. First one you can find here.