Collecting or sharing information

Hi there. Doing websites by yourself is a great Internet trend, and platforms like Jimdo, Wix,, Host Gator etc., will allow you to make state of the art web sites based on their templates or even let you design your website from scratch.

DIY systems become more and more advanced so the results are very professional but still, so far, and for a long time in the future, they will be focused on solving common requests like making online store, restaurant web site etc. Actually you can count on everything you need for simple basic website and almost nothing more.

What if you need more complex tasks to do? Let’s say that you have a need for sharing or collecting information online. Let’s, for example, say that we have some kind of a member or product list, or maybe we have a need for collecting data on available houses for rent in your town. How to collect or share these information?

Well, you are not going to find solution for this on previously mentioned platforms. What you actually looking for in this case is called online app (application). Making that kind of app usually requires programmers that, if they are any good, are also very expensive. In most cases they are going to cost much more than you will be willing to pay.

So what can you do? If you are not a programming guru mastered in PHP, Ruby, MySQL, Node.JS, etc. doing it by yourself conventional way is out of the question. What you actually need is another DIY system for making online applications that will eliminate need for programmer on the same way you eliminated web designer from your website building process by using Jimdo, Wix, etc..

Here comes dbBee, which is full DIY (do it yourself) application builder that will let you do basic applications, exactly that way - by yourself!
dbBee works with your existing Excel workbook as a data storage (you can also use Microsoft Access database if you wish). Using it is as simple as it gets.
Let’s say you have a list of 1000 club members with their names, surnames, phone numbers, e-mails etc., in an excel sheet and you want it published online as a part of your DIY web site.

All you need to do is to login to dbBee dashboard, run one of our wizards, upload your excel file, select few simple options and deploy your project. dbBee will make a searchable, sortable, report in form of a table and generate the code you need to insert in your web page. If you are Joomla or WordPress user you can install proper extension or plugin in a few mouse clicks. There are also "how to” tutorial articles for most of DIY website builders available today. 

Take a look at this "Airports of the world" example to get the idea how does this application look like.