Dashboard context menu

In the dashboard, next to each project name there's a small gear icon:
Gear icon

Clicking on it will open a context menu with four commands:
Context menu


Rename command will change the name of the project, which can be useful in some cases because deployed files inherit project name as a part of file name for all project files. To rename a project simply select command "Rename”, confirm that you want to do it and enter new project name.
Please note that renaming the project will delete all deployed files depending on selected project and you will have to DEPLOY that project again and REPLACE dbBee code snippet in host pages with the new one!


Duplicate command will make an identical copy of selected project. To duplicate the project, select the "Duplicate” command from the menu and enter the name for the new copy. Duplicating the project comes handy in many cases – for example when you publish exactly the same report on two different web sites and you want to use different color schemes, so instead of creating the new project from scratch you simply duplicate existing one and select new style for it. Duplicating the project does not deploy it automatically, so you have to deploy it either through wizard or by selecting the "Deploy project” command:
Deploy project

Populate UID

"Populate UID” command is enabled only for "Admin” projects for Excel sheet that have UID field defined. This command will fill all EMPTY UID fields with proper, unique values, leaving existing values for UID unchanged. This feature is useful in cases when you use excel sheet with "Admin” project, but for some reason also want to download your excel file, add data manually and upload it back to dbBee. Instead of wasting time on generating random strings, just add the data, upload the workbook, and select this command.


Occasionally, due to various reasons, you might want to remove some of your projects and to make room for new ones. Deleting project is very simple, but you must have in mind that it is completely irreversible process that will delete all deployed files and remove all project settings.
On the other hand, it will NOT delete Excel workbook or Access database used by project, so your data are safe even when you delete the project.
To delete the project, click the "Delete” command from context menu and confirm deletion.