How to properly format Excel sheet?

If you intend to use Excel workbook as underlying database for creating dbBee applications you should follow few simple rules:
1) Start your data in the A1 cell. Do not skip neither first row, nor first column. First row of each column will be used as field name that uniquely identifies that column, so do not use same first row value in different columns.

2) Let your data be continuous. Do not skip any row or column anywhere in the table. Simply fill everything as it should be, column by column, row by row.

3) As mentioned above, dbBee uses the first row to name your columns, so when you create your sheet enter column names in row one. For example, if you wish to have a sheet that lists members of your organization with their first and last name and date of birth, enter First name in A1 cell, Last name in B1 cell and Date of birth in C1 cell. Then enter actual data starting with row 2 - e.g. in cell A2, enter John, in B2 enter Doe, in C2 enter 30-Mar-1970.

Sample Excel sheet

4) You do not have to fill all the data immediately. It is enough to create first row with the names of the fields (columns) and you will be able to add the data online through Collect Data (CD) or Administration (A) project.