New wizards, advanced options

As a result of our continuous work on providing better service, we have developed five new wizards and added them to your dbBee dashboard.

New wizards include advanced versions of four wizards you're already familiar with (QB. QBD, CD and Admin) but also a brand new Search form wizard, for creating advanced search form for your existing QB, QBD and Admin applications.

Advanced features include:

New (SF) wizard produces a search form that enables your visitors to perform an advanced search combining various fields to get the best possible result.

Advanced wizards are fully functional only with paid subscription, but they are also available in demo mode for users with free account.
Users with free account can use advanced wizards to create the project(s) and to save their work, but projects can not be deployed until they upgrade their subscription.

We did our best to keep our new wizards as easy as possible, and the procedures of creating/editing projects remained the same, with non-mandatory additional options.

We hope you'll enjoy dbBee even more with these improvements.

We are the bunch of different people, but we are still one big family. As a family, we share our knowledge and we help each other. So, If you have any trouble, please feel free to ask and have no doubt that help is on the way.
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