Right people, right data, right place

Whatever you do, there is something that you need or wish to share with your customers, business partners, members of an organization, support club, friends or any kind of your target audience. But, even a simple list that has to be searchable and regularly updated will require IT personnel and a lot of funding...

Our users include Entrepreneurs, Managers, Engineers, Doctors, Designers, Truckers, Musicians, Artists, Lawyers, Accountants, and they use dbBee to organize, share or collect data, make schedules, browse through a large number of information, and much more...

Great example of what dbBee can be used for, was the case of our dear friend from Arlington, Virginia.

Our friend is a very busy man, being one of the top level managers in a large software company, but at the same time he's a true enthusiast sincerely dedicated to well-being of his community.

Recently he was engaged in efforts to improve a construction project in his neighborhood and for that he had to ask his neighbors to support his ideas, have them sign his petition, and as if it was not difficult enough, he had to regularly update a list of supporters on his personal website (for media coverage), which in his case was a nightmare (BTW, he's manager, not an IT person).

When we explained to him how he could use our new system to solve publishing part with single Excel sheet, his (censored) comment was "And you're telling me that NOW!"

There are plenty of examples like this one. Actually whatever you do, there's a huge chance that sooner or later you'll need to either publish or collect database content online.

Here are some examples:

1. List of all public works in certain a area (including contact persons' names and emails) that can be sorted and searched by visitors and updated by authorized users from 10 different field offices

2. List of all members of an organization with contact data (e.g. Professional associations)

3. Portfolio - searchable and sortable list of all projects you worked on as an independent expert or team member.

4. Collecting any kind of data online - like customer feedback, reporting misbehavior of employees, adding events, various surveys, etc.

5. Publishing timetable for small tour operator

6. Publishing the results of charitable activity on the fly and many other things.

Everybody knows how to use Excel. Many know how to use Access. However, when it comes to publishing it on the Internet, things start to complicate. In fact, even if you decide to hire a professional programmer, you'll probably discover that his high price in not the biggest problem. First you'll learn that Excel in not a database (which is true, at least technically). Then you'll learn that Access is not really a kind of database you need. And then, with lots of IT mambo-jumbo (RDBMS, CMS, SQL,PHP, ASP, .NET), you'll end up with huge, state of the art, ultra modern, high-performance online system for maintaining and publishing your 100 rows sheet online. And all that for a bargain price with four or more digits.

Of course, you'll need additional module if you want your data exported back to Excel or Access, or some additional programming work if you decide to add new column, but the price will probably have just three digits.

This may sound like an exaggeration, and in small part it is, but it is a fact that there are plenty of databases that we could use online but we can't because of this kind of approach.

dbBee enables an average user to publish his Excel workbook or Access database without any programming knowledge and without any changes to the original file (Excel workbook or Access database). Furthermore the user can easily and effortlessly create an application for adding, updating and deleting records (rows) or the one that will enable collecting data online from visitors of his website. And all that will take less time than time needed to explain your needs to a programmer.

With dbBee your database can easily be published, searched and sorted, populated with new data, maintained. Our system does not alter the structure of original document, so you can allow your visitors to add data to it, download it and use it for whatever you need.

Our paid plans are usage based and you do not need to delete your account or projects in periods of inactivity. When your account is not active, only public parts of your projects become unavailable (deployed applications work only when account is active).

dbBee is fast, simple and, above all, efficient way of dealing with online databases, so what are you waiting for???

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