I have a field with link but dbBee shows it as a text. How can I make it a clickable link?

dbBee only reads data from data sources (Excel workbook or Access database), ignoring all the formatting, macros, charts, reports, forms, etc. However, there is a quite simple way to make hypertext links - dbBee does not escape any part of stored data which means that you can store any kind of HTML code in your Excel sheet. In this case that means that you can store your links as HTML code, for example:
If your cell contains URL http://www.dbbee.com/ you can replace it with <a href="http://www.dbbee.com/" target="_blank" title="dbBee website">www.dbbee.com</a> and it will render in dbBee project as clickable hyperlink that will open the URL in the new tab.