Professional Data Exchange Wizards – a whole new world

As we have already said at least a dozen times, our main idea with dbBee was to make it as simple as possible with as little steps as possible. That proved to be a great approach and it helped our service grow and develop. Later, upon analyzing our users’ feedback, we built advanced wizards that gave our users full control over the look and feel of their projects and much wider control over functionality, but we manage to keep our wizards simple and easy to use.

However, this did not provide the freedom requested by group of people whose interest in our service came to us as a surprise - we got a lot of "how to” questions from people that make a living on web development, and unfortunately even advanced wizards did not provide what they needed. Actually, every question was different, but all of them had few things in common:

1.Using Excel/Access (or not using a database server)

2.Ability for the web site owner (the client) to easily change data

3.Full freedom in formatting the result

4.Something that works with JavaScript, jQuery, etc.

Being a small team, doing our best to provide the high quality service to our existing users, we literally had to steal some time from our regular activities to do some R&D on a completely new field, aiming the market we did not count on.

The result is here now, and both our new users and our development team are really happy with the outcome – two new wizards that produce data exchange gateways (one in JSON and the other in XML format) that work with any platform requiring nothing but an HTML and a JavaScript on client side. With only four variables these gateways are still among the simplest ways of publishing database contents online, but without any limitations in look and feel of the result. At the same time, building the gateway using dbBee wizards is still as easy as with QB simple wizard (if not simpler).

Professional data exchange gateway, either JDE (JSON data exchange - see demo) or XDE (XML data exchange - see demo) can be used for any kind of read-only database application, including various search forms, product catalogs, shopping carts that use cookies all the way to building CMS (in conjunction with Admin project).

Professional wizards will work with any plan, but free and standard plan generate demo applications that use only first 3 records.