What is included in a free plan?

With your free dbBee plan you can use all four basic wizards (Query & Browse, Query->Browse->Detail, Collect Data and Administration) the same way as you can do with paid plans. However free plan is limited by the number of records (rows in your excel sheet or Access database table) in a way that only first 100 rows will be used by Query & Browse, Query->Browse->Detail and Administration applications, while Collect Data application will stop working when number of rows reaches 100. The free plan also has significantly lower available monthly bandwidth (10 MB), compared to the monthly bandwidth of 1 GB for the standard plan or 5 GB for the professional plan. The number of available projects is limited to 3, compared to 30 projects for the standard plan or 100 projects for the professional plan.
Applications that are built using the free dbBee plan contain "powered by free dbBee" logo.